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In order to achieve the best layout for you and your family it is always best to do some homework.

You need to prepare a check list covering such topics as how you wish to use your kitchen, the mood or “feel” that you wish your new kitchen to achieve and what structural restrictions you have to your space. This information is also very useful to a kitchen designer

A brief checklist:

  • How do you entertain?
    Casual / formal / regularly / rarely
  • What other outdoor cooking / entertaining areas do you have?
    Barbecue / weber / pizza oven / tepanyaki grill
  • How many and how old are the family members?
    No. of adults / under 5 / 6 to 12 years / teenagers / young adults
  • Are they left or right handed?
  • What methods of cooking do you most often use in the main kitchen area?
    Frying / grilling / baking / microwave
  • What hand appliances do you use and how frequently?
    Blender / juicer / coffee machine / toaster / kettle / griller / sandwich toaster/rice cooker
  • How often do you shop?
    Daily / bi weekly / weekly / fortnightly
  • What sort of foodstuffs do you mainly purchase on these outings?
    Non perishables / fruit and vegetables / meat
  • What sort of seating do you require within this space and will it be stools or chairs?
    Preparation seating / snack seating / dining seating / and for how many
  • Do you prefer the following setup?
    A flat breakfast bar / raised servery / casual eating area / a separate formal area
  • How much do you recycle and what separate dedicated space for the waste items?
    Organic -wet / glass / paper / general / other
  • What other facilities would you ideally like to incorporate in this area?
    Radio / T.V / phone / phone books / computer / notice pin board /message board
  • How much space do you need to incorporate additional storage for other items?
    Brooms / dustpans / cleaning products /ironing board/ vacuum /medical drugs etc

Coming for an Appointment

If you plan to come into the showroom don’t waste the visit. If you are just looking for a benchtop consider bringing in a plan of your kitchen so our showroom staff can be more helpful. With the measurements and maybe a photograph we should be able to give you an estimated cost. To make this easier we have prepared a few information sheets highlighting information we need. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect as we ALWAYs do a check measure.