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Although you should always refer to the specific cleaning instructions most of the things you should or shouldn’t do are common sense.

Looking after your doors

Your doors have been manufactured from the highest quality materials but:

  • they are still a wood based material and care should be taken to wipe up spills immediately
  • it is important that the doors are not exposed to heat and humidity. By simply pulling your kettle and toaster out to avoid this you can illuminate any problems
  • normal cleaning just requires that they are wiped down with a damp cloth and warm soapy water
  • for more stubborn stains use a mild household cleanser as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • DO NOT use any commercial cleaning products, solvents, thinners or abrasive cleaners.
  • DO NOT use any scouring pads or abrasive papers.

You should always read the specific cleaning instructions for your specific doors.

Looking after your engineered stone benchtops

Although engineered stone benchtops are generally manufactured from quartz, granite and polymers producing a surface that is very hard wearing and virtually maintenance.

As with the doors most of the maintenance and cleaning is common sense. You should read the specific information for your benchtop but below is a quick guide

  • Everyday spills can be cleaned up easily with a soft damp cloth and warm soapy water
  • A mild household bleach diluted can often be effective in removing stubborn stains but care must be taken as some products are stronger than other, Always rinse with warm soapy water after applying the diluted bleach
  • Although engineered stone is heat resistant any stone product can be damaged with sudden temperature change. A trivet or hot pad is recommended to avoid damage
  • Do not use your benchtop as a chopping board as very sharp knives can leave little scratches but it will also damage your knives.
  • Do not use any scourers or abrasive materials on your tops

Following you will find the more specific care, maintenance and warranty information. Take the time to read them: