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All our cabinets are Australian manufactured to the relevant Australian standards and comply with the relevant industry warranty requirements.

We strongly support the Australian manufacturing industry as we fully support a “keep it local” philosophy.

  • All our carcasses are manufactured to YOUR specific size requirements and the sizes below are indicative only.
  • All hardware used on drawers and cupboards are BLUM.
  • All carcasses are constructed in 16 mm highly moisture resistant particle board with hard wearing 1mm PVC edging.
  • All components are pre drilled ready for hinge plates and one adjustable shelf which makes assembly easy.
  • Each cabinet is individually strapped and labeled and to save that frustrating sorting process.
  • All cupboard doors are predrilled ready for the Blum soft closing hinges which are included.
  • Our standard base kickers are made either matching or modern stainless steel look pre finished laminate. They clip on for easy installation and removal should the need arise. These are cut slightly oversized to allow for and discrepancy in the floor levels.

Base cupboards

All cupboards are nominally 900 overall height including a 33mm -40mm top and a base kicker. One adjustable shelf is included and cabinets are pre drilled to allow for the shelves to be located where you wish

Cupboard options available:

  • 1 door units – 250mm – 600mm wide
  • 2 door units – 600mm – 1100 mm wide
  • Corner base cupboards – 900×900 or 900×1200 . Units allow for an adjustable shelf or lazy susan


Drawer Options

All drawers are Blum Metabox with solid 16 mm bottoms. All drawers have Blum soft closing mechanisms. Drawer banks can be manufactured to an exact size to suit your custom designed layout

Drawer options available:

  • Option One – 4 Equal Drawers
  • Option Two – 1 Cutlery Drawer & 2 Pot Drawers
  • Option Three – 1 x Microwave Opening and 1 x Deep Pot Drawer
  • Option Four – 3 X Equal Pot Drawers


Nominal sizes are:

  • 400mm 500mm 600mm 750mm 800mm 900mm

Overhead Cupboards

Our overhead cupboards are constructed in the same superior materials as the base cupboards and can come in any size you require. Cupboards are fully adjustable and come with 1-2 shelves depending upon height.

Overhead Cupboards- Depth

  • Standard Depth 300 mm deep
  • Standard extra – 350- 400 as required to allow for undermount rangehood
  • Refrigerator Overhead 450 mm deep


Standard Heights

  • 400mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1000 high

Standard Widths

  • Single door units 250mm – 600mm
  • Double door units 600mm – 1100mm
  • Corner Units 600mm – 600mm

Other options:

  • Open shelf units come in the same sizes as above
  • Glass doors
  • LED Lighting

Pantry Cupboards

Pantry cupboards are available as standard wall cupboards or as corner units. Pantry cupboards come with adjustable shelves with 1 fixed shelf to give the unit greater structural strength.

Roll out shelves can be added to the standard pantries which improve storage and allow for easy access


  • Single door unit 200mm -600mm,
  • Double door units 600mm-1100mm

Pantry Options

  • Pantry Cupboards Approx 2150- 2380n High Sizes:
    • Single door unit 200mm -600mm,
    • Double door units 600mm-1100mm
  • Angled Corner Pantry Units
    • Standard size 1000mm x 1000mm
    • Deluxe size 1100mm x 1100mm
  • Blind Corner Pantry Standard
    • Size 1200mm x 600mm
  • ½ Pantry. These cupboards are made to sit on top of a set of pot drawers. This allows for easy access to the lower sections.

 Oven Cabinets

  • Wall oven module 600mm wide.
    Unit comprise of 2 x Pot drawers below, a single wall oven and microwave
    Option: Unit can be adjusted to allow for an oven with a separate griller
  • Wall oven module NO microwave 600mm wide
    Unit comprises of 2 x Pot drawers, allowance for single wall oven and 2 taller overheads
  • Underbench Oven 600w or 900w
    This base unit allows for an underbench oven and comes with a bottom filler to allow for your specific oven
  • Microwave /Pot drawer module
    Allows for 1 x Microwave opening with 1 x single pot drawer below

Panels and Fillers


Panels are required on exposed ends and fronts of your kitchen cupboards. Most of the colours in the vinyl doors come in a matching Melamine finish which is usually used for the end panels as they are coloured both sides and are more economical than the vinyl end panels.

  • Tall end Panels are usually required either side of a refrigerator, wall oven or pantry
  • Base end panels are required to the ends of cupboards or to form a dishwaher opening
  • Overhead end panels are required on exposed ends of overheads and often either side of the rangehood
  • A front panel is required when the front of the cupboard is exposed ie on an island or peninsula kitchen


  • Fillers are sometimes require in corners to allow the cupboard doors to open without hitting a wall or opposing handles