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Our skilled staff can measure for your splashbacks at the same time they template for solid stone tops.

Our quality kitchen splashbacks are fire-retardant and resistant to heat, UV and water, multiplying the number of possible applications. Our Reflections splashbacks are approved to be fixed behind gas or electric cooktops, outdoors in direct sunlight and in moisture-heavy areas.

A beautiful high gloss finish: Reflections splashbacks are designed to reflect light, creating a perfect illusion of space and giving even the smallest room that feeling of open space. Our state-of-the-art coating system is highly durable and resistant to weather and heat while replicating the beautiful sleek and polished appearance of glass.

Available in 14 stylish designer colours in neutral, brightly coloured and metallic shades and new brushed aluminium, you’ll be able to find the perfect splashback for your home, business or renovation application.

Our kitchen splashbacks and wall panels are grout-free, waterproof and steam-resistant to keep your wet areas clean, bright and mould-free. Plus, the non-porous surface doesn’t trap dirt, stains or grime, offering a safe and hygienic design solution for your home.

Colour Descriptions

  • Cascade Metallic: A Light And Luminous Blue Splashback
  • Earth Metallic/Non-Metallic: Neutral and Modern Brownish Grey Splashback
  • Mint Metallic: A Light Green That Looks Likea Clear Glass Splashback
  • Monaco Metallic: A Luscious Dark Cherry Red Splashback
  • Nomad Metallic: A Warm Beige Colour
  • Pepper Metallic:  Similar to a battleship Grey splashback, when absolute class is required
  • Platinum Metallic: Traditional Silver splashback colour, a crowd favourite. Make a statement!
  • Raven Metallic/Non-Metallic: A Sophisticated and Intense Black Splashback Colour
  • Reef Metallic/Non-Metallic: A Striking And Deep Turquoise Green Splashback
  • Sheer Bliss White Non-Metallic: A Striking White Splashback Colour
  • Stiletto Metallic/Non-Metallic: A Bright and Punchy Lipstick Red
  • Willow Metallic: Not quite green and definitely not a yellow splashback colour, but somewhere in between. Stunning
  • Brushed Aluminium: Stunning Modern look to match your appliances NEW
  • Whisper Grey Metallic: Neutral and Modern NEW