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Engineered stone is now the most popular choice in kitchen benchtop installations.

Most of the engineered stones are approx 90 % Quartz with approx 7% combined bonding agent, special additives and pigments blended together to produce surfaces that offer:

  • Scratch resistant – as quartz is one of the hardest natural materials on Earth
  • Stain Resistant – very low surface porosity prevents staining from spills
  • Chemical resistant – most are unaffected by household chemicals, acids and oils
  • Easy Care – unlike natural stone, they do not require sealing or special cleaning products
  • Consistent quality – with advanced technology and manufacturing techniques the slabs produced are of a consistently high quality

There are now many leading brands available offering unique designs and colour ranges. The latest advanced technology has now allowed manufacturers to reproduce the most beautiful marble like designs with the added advantage of no staining and consistent quality.

Through a partnership between Granite Kitchen Makeovers and Pazstone we offer a very wide range of engineered stone benchtops. As Australia’s leading fabricator, Pazstone has the most up to date cutting and polishing machinery. Through bulk purchasing power we can offer very competitive pricing for stone bench tops. We are happy to supply bench tops only if that is all you need.

Benchtops are fabricated from 20mm stone that can be laminated or mitred to achieve a thicker look if required.

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Caesarstone Stone Range

Founded in 1987 near the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, Caesarstone manufactures high-quality, premium quartz surfaces. Applications in residential and commercial interiors include kitchen bench tops, splashbacks, bathroom vanities, wall paneling, furniture and more. A global leader and pioneer in its field, Caesarstone prides itself on its ongoing commitment to research & development, innovation and the highest quality standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is Caesarstone®?

Caesarstone® is resistant to all kinds of cracks, chips, scratches and stains. However, like most materials, excessive force, high point loads, pressure or heat may cause damage to the surface. Like all surface materials Caesarstone® should be treated with care.

How do I clean my Caesarstone® benchtop?

Caesarstone® surfaces require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new. For everyday, routine cleaning of Caesarstone® we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a clean damp cloth, or use Caesarstone® Cleaning Wipes or Caesarstone® Spray Cleaner.

Do not use the cloth you use to wash the dishes, as it may transfer oils and other contaminants to the Caesarstone® surface.

As Caesarstone® is virtually non-porous, it will keep its lustrous gloss and ultra smooth surface which never needs polishing or sealing. Never attempt to polish the surface and avoid prolonged rubbing in one spot when cleaning.

To give your Caesarstone® surface a thorough clean or for removal of extra stubborn marks or spills, we recommend using Caesarstone® Cream Cleanser and a 3M™ Scotchbrite™ Non- Scratch Foam Scrub which can be used without damaging the stone. We suggest using this cleaning process regularly depending on the amount of traffic, use and surface application.

Can Caesarstone® withstand heat?

Caesarstone® is heat resistant, however like all stone materials; Caesarstone® can be damaged by sudden and rapid surface temperature changes. A good rule of thumb is that if your hand cannot tolerate the level of heat for more than a few seconds then the heat source is too high. DO NOT PUT HOT COOKWARE DIRECTLY ON THE CAESARSTONE SURFACE. Therefore we always recommend placing hot pots, oven trays and fry pans directly from the oven or hot plate onto a wooden chopping board or heat trivet. We also recommend that electric fry pans and slow cookers are also used on a wooden chopping board.

Do I need to apply a sealer to Caesarstone® quartz surfaces?

No. Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are virtually non-porous, and you will never have to use a sealer or any other kind of wax.

Can I cut on my Caesarstone® benchtop?

Caesarstone® is composed of up to 93% natural quartz, providing it with superior hardness and strength. We always recommend using a cutting board to prevent damage to the surface, or dulling the knives.


Other brands available

  • Essastone

Essastonecolourpalette            Essastone2018

  • Silestone


  • Smartstone


  • QuantumQuartz


You can visit our our showroom to view the range on display.