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Family On Marble Benchtop

Award-Winning Kitchen Renovation TV Show

As a proud and long-term contributor to Selling Houses Australia, Granite Transformations has played a significant role in the success of this renowned home renovation TV show. 


It has become Foxtel’s most successful Original Lifestyle series, and we are thrilled to report that it has just been nominated for ‘Most Popular Lifestyle Program’ at this year’s TV Week Logies! There’s still time to submit your vote before The Logies airs on Sunday, 30 July 2023 on 7/7 Plus at 7:30pm. 


Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on our remarkable contributions throughout this season.

A Groovy Greystanes Kitchen Transformation


Long-time homeowners, Richard and Corrine, had cherished their property since the 1960s, but it desperately needed a rejuvenation. This freestanding house displaying its original, albeit weathered, 1950s charm, was purchased in 1968 for a modest sum of just under $10,000.


Having served as a beloved family abode for over half a century, the time had come for Richard and Corrine to sell and downsize, especially now that their children have families of their own.



This year, the home had finally hit the market. However, despite being listed for several months, the property had attracted little interest, and according to real estate expert Andrew Winter, it was no surprise. This 1950s home had remained untouched since its construction!

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Wendy Moore incorporated key period features into her design. To maintain the home’s character, she carefully selected elements such as yellows, curved lines, pendant lights, and an open plan access to the living room. In the kitchen, our popular ‘Lunar’ engineered stone was chosen for the benchtops, splashback, and a half-moon dining table. This neutral colour harmonized beautifully with the custom timber kitchen and the vibrant yellow feature doors.

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Clever Kitchen Space Optimisation

Despite the limited space, the team ingeniously created a dedicated dining area by utilizing a nook, bench seat, and a semicircle table. They cleverly built a banquette into the area, mirroring the shape of the curved doors. To address storage challenges in a small kitchen, the nook serves a dual purpose: it acts as a recessed dining area, keeping the floor space clear, while offering tall storage on each side for a pantry and broom closet. Drawers were then installed underneath the bench seat. The new dining table was thoughtfully designed in the shape of a semicircle. This serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also guides people seamlessly around the dining table, through the high-traffic area.


Charming Queenslander Kitchen


From the outside, this was a stunning Queenslander surrounded by lush greenery and tropical palm trees. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye.


As the Selling Houses Australia team delved into this project, they uncovered the hidden challenges lurking within the walls of Jeni’s home. As a hoarder, Jeni’s home was overflowing with belongings, and the team took on the task of decluttering before being able to present the property for potential buyers.

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When it came to the kitchen, Wendy had an extensive to-do list. After a thorough decluttering process, she opted for new cabinetry, complemented by polished nickel handles from Kethy. The addition of Granite Transformations’ exquisite ‘Lyskamm’ stone from the Marble Range was used for the benchtops and splashback. This brought a touch of elegance to the space.

Simple Kitchen Renovation 



White marble benchtop resurfacing sydney 
Lyskamm Stone

Uniting Kitchen Elements

Wendy selected oak flooring to give the room a cozy feel. She also added high-quality appliances from Euromaid, sinks and taps from Blanco, and stylish downlights from The Lighting Superstore. Luxaflex’s Wood Essence window furnishings in Warm White were used to brighten up the kitchen, along with a dash of Wattyl’s ‘Aspiration’ paint.

Family Home

Romano and Iris moved from Italy and settled in Maroubra in 2010. A previous sale to a developer in 2018 fell through, and then Romano was left alone in the house after Iris sadly passed away. The couple’s daughters have been on hand to help, but are concerned about the stairs and the different levels. Tired and old fashioned, the family needed help to renovate the house so Romano could move onto the next chapter of his life.

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The kitchen layout posed a challenge that Wendy Moore aimed to address. The team embarked on creating a more spacious and functional design. New appliances and feature lights were added, along with designated areas for dining, making the space more inviting. To brighten a dark kitchen, skylights were installed, flooding the room with natural light.

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Grey Marble Waterfall Benchtop and Splashback and

Stone Splendour

Our stunning ‘Basalt Cemento‘ stone benchtop and splashback bring a touch of sophistication, while the striking waterfall feature adds a visually stunning element. From the marble range, Basalt Cemento creates a strikingly beautiful statement with its volcanic and smoky tones. Each individual slab displays a mesmerizing interplay of light and dark, showcasing the harmonious contrast within the stone. The result is a complex yet timeless piece, perfect for the kitchen.

Basalt Cemento Marble 
Basalt Cemento

Terrigal Kitchen Makeover


In the bustling town of Terrigal, houses sell like hotcakes, but there was one property that seemed to be left behind. Grant’s house, despite its enticing features such as breathtaking ocean views, four spacious bedrooms, and a sparkling pool, remained unsold. The reason? Well, it was missing a few crucial elements, like walls, a bathroom, and even parts of the ceiling. Grant was in a unique situation. He not only had to complete these essential renovations but also wanted to ensure his mother’s comfort and purchase a smaller house for both of them. With the clock ticking, Grant was in desperate need of help to bring his home back to life.

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Enter Wendy Moore. She took on the challenge of transforming Grant’s house, starting with a simple benchtop and splashback upgrade. Wendy chose to resurface the current benchtop and splashback with our distinctive ‘Ocean Pearl‘ stone. This innovative technique eliminated the need for any demolition, as the old surfaces remained intact. The lighter shade of the stone instantly elevated the room. You can’t even tell the kitchen doors hadn’t been touched. Just the handles were updated. 

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Coastal Kitchen Perfection

Wendy made the eat-in bench more inviting and functional with the our vibrant new stone for the benchtop and servery. She also incorporated Sardinia Ceiling pendants from Emac & Lawton and added sleek and unobtrusive stools. A splash of paint tied the elements together, while the stunning Spotted Gum flooring provided the foundation for the entire space. On a tighter budget, many key details remained intact, like the kitchen doors, and fridge. This didn’t stop the room  from reaching its full potential however. This was truly a stunning transformation of a modern coastal kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Upgrade with White Metal and Timber Stools

Tailored Kitchen Transformation


Mary and Tom had spent years diligently saving to make their dream of owning a home a reality. Finally, they found the perfect place to call their own. However, life took an unexpected turn when Mary received a diagnosis of a degenerative disease. It meant they had to downsize to a more suitable home, with the hope of being mortgage-free and enjoying a well-deserved retirement. Despite their best efforts, their current home had been on the market for a year, and the agent believed it needed a refresh. The concrete backyard wasn’t helping attract potential buyers either.


While the kitchen and bathrooms in their home weren’t in terrible condition, they did show their age. Due to budget constraints, the focus was on renovating the kitchen. After all, it is the heart of the home and deserved a change. This is also the best way to add value when selling your property.

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Drawing inspiration from the existing European-style interior, the couple decided on dark cabinetry and white granite benchtops. The monochrome color scheme added sophistication and elegance. Instead of tearing everything out, we resurfaced the benchtops and splashbacks using our magnificent ‘Kaolinite’ stone.

Modern black and white kitchen 
A Refreshing Journey

Take a look at the captivating image below and admire our stunning ‘Kaolinite’ stone used in this kitchen transformation. The old, drab beige/brown granite benchtop and splashback were expertly covered with our exquisite stone, breathing new life into the space. We were also able to extend the end of the bench into a breakfast bar. A new sink, cabinet handles, and tapware were also installed to complete the refreshed look.

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Transform Your Space

Are you ready to transform your kitchen or laundry into a space that takes your breath away? Take inspiration from the remarkable makeovers showcased on Selling Houses Australia by reaching out to us today. Our team of skilled design consultants is here to offer you a complimentary Design, Measure, and Quote service. Together, we can create a space that reflects your personal style and exceeds your expectations. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step towards a truly remarkable space. Contact us now and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!




White Kitchen With Timber